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I’ll use plain english that 12 years old kid can understand. 

Imagine the internet is like a giant playground. There are swings and slides controlled by big companies, and everyone has to follow their rules.

The internet computer protocol (ICP) is like a new kind of playground built with special building blocks. These blocks are controlled by computers all over the world, instead of one company. This means anyone can build their own swings and slides (websites and apps) on this playground, and the rules are decided by everyone who uses it.

Here’s what makes ICP special for kids:

  • Anyone can play: Unlike some other playgrounds that require permission, ICP lets anyone build their own stuff on the internet. This means kids could even create their own games and websites!
  • More room for fun: ICP is designed to be much bigger than traditional playgrounds. This means there’s more space for everyone to build and play without feeling crowded.
  • Fair play: The rules are decided by everyone who uses the playground, so it should be fair for everyone. No more waiting in line forever because the slide is controlled by one person!

Of course, ICP is a complex concept, but hopefully, this explanation gives you a basic idea. It’s like a giant, decentralized playground built for everyone to enjoy!


If you are a developer or want to learn how to build with ICP, you can start here

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